Cyd Charisse (hollywood_legs) wrote in classic_stills,
Cyd Charisse


Well, the [arty was a swinging success. I had so much fun and so many of our friends showed up. If you were there - post your photos :)

Image hosted by
Tony took that photo while we were waiting for the guests to arrive, I was talking with my mother who insisted I test taste her food - it was perfect, of course.

Image hosted by
We were right on the beach since we're renting a house for awhile so once everyone started showing up we went for a swim!

Gene playing a little ping-pong -- he does wellat it :)

Fred and Phyllis showed up looking very dapper ;)
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Me, my dog Angie and the camera!
oh such fun! I'm so happy you joined us! Where did Ben disappear to? I saw him and then I didn't? Was he "not feeling well"?

Well, I hope you had fun!
No, I think he passed out in the car, a little too much to drink you might say, really this is too much for a pregnant woman to deal with!
I feel for you. Not pity, I know you don't like that (if I pity anyone it's Ben, really). Well if you ever need anything, I'm just a phone call away

*runs himself silly chasing balls around the court*
I am the ping pong master :)

I'm still recovering over here - photos to come!
oh wonderful!

sorry to hear Betsy couldn't join you. I was looking forward to seeing her, but I adored seeing Kerry again! So did Nicky.
Kerry loves Nicky! And you too.

Betsy and I are...working it out, but I would never let that deprive anyone of my charms! ;)
She gets bigger every time I see her. She'll be as tall as I you I think - for a girl that's tall. I would know - I'm a giant among women HAHA (the life at 5'9")