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I've come up with a photo-posting theme for every month in the next year. It differs, depending on wher your chosen celebrity personality is from. I've got American, UK, and Mexican holidays listed, but if your character is from another country, please, post as necessary.

Cyd Charisse celebrates Christmas in December with a party for family and friends.
So I, as Cyd, would post photos of myself/myself with others at this party in the classic_evening journal.


Errol Flynn goes to the Oscars in January.
So he would post photos in the classic_oscars journal.


Esther Williams and Fred Astaire were goofing off around the MGM lot.
They'd post photos in the__lot journal.

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So this month is: NOVEMBER: Word on the Lot
Everyone post photos of yourself around the lot, in the the__lot journal, and/or photos of the holiday which fits with your respective country in the appropriate journal. If you are unsure of where to make your post, just post in classic_stills.

Andd of course, if you think of anything from month to month, classic_suggest is where to post your ideas :)

Okay, start photo posting you crazy kids! ~♥~